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Italy is a country that so many travelers with stars in their eyes can't wait to see, but most people who want to visit this great country have dreams of seeing the most popular tourist destinations. So many give little thought to all of the other beautiful towns, villages, and cities in the country. Anacapri Italy is one of those towns, and it is one destination in Italy that anybody can appreciate. Anacapri is a small island village that sits high above the town of Capri, on Capri Island. It is a village with a rich history and a culture that is a wonderful mixture of Italian and Mediterranean. And it is a village that is well worth spending your time in, and there are plenty of Anacapri hotels that embody the spirit of Italy. Capri Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, with pristine beaches that are characterized by blue-green crystal clear waters and ample sunshine. Visitors who stay in Anacapri have easy access to all of the best Capri beaches, yet they can enjoy the peacefulness and more laid back feel that is more characteristic of Anacapri. In fact, much of the tourist traffic that does visit Anacapri are those individuals looking for a beautiful Mediterranean paradise without all of the huge tourist crowds that frequent some of the more well-known Mediterranean and Italian destinations. This is one of the reasons for the village being such an ideal vacation destination, because you get the best of both worlds in Anacapri Italy. In Anacapri you can enjoy authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, you can relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can tour sites that feature ancient architecture, and you can take in the spectacular scenery that is unique to the Island of Capri. There are numerous wonderful Anacapri hotels to choose from, so you will have no trouble finding exactly what you are looking for. And if you are looking for peace, relaxation, a renewed connection to nature, and a unique way to explore a very rich history and culture, then Anacapri is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you stop off for a short time while traveling to somewhere else in the world, or you plan a trip to Anacapri specifically, you will no doubt find time to fall in love with this beautiful island village in Italy.