Anacapri Italy is a wonderful place to go to explore nature and to explore history, but the beautiful village located on the Island of Capri has much to offer for those looking to get away for some much needed and deserved pampering time as well.  The town is the epitome of laid back, with many beaches throughout the island that are in close enough proximity to spend a day whiling the hours away.  And if you are looking for something even more luxurious than the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea you also have many options in that regard too. 

The spas that you will find throughout Capri Island during your stay in Anacapri are most commonly found inside the stunning Capri and Anacapri hotels.  There are numerous five-star hotels throughout the island that offer five-star service, five-star amenities, and five-start spa treatments.  And you will be quite surprised at the variety of unique treatments that you will find at these luxurious Mediterranean spas, of which there are a couple in particular that tend to get a lot of tourist attention.

Spa Tiberio – The spa located within the Tiberio Palace hotel is a simple spa but yet oh so luxurious.  Spa Tiberio spans two floors in the hotel and offers a number of treatments that are far from simple in their benefits.  The spa uses some of the best Australian products for their treatments and they are considerably affordable considering you are getting such luxurious treatments in one of the most relaxing atmospheres in all of the Mediterranean.

QuisiBeauty – The QuisiBeauty spa is another unique Italian spa, but this one with a special feature provided by nature.  The spa, which is located within the Grand Hotel Quisisana, sits on the portion of the island that is known to get more sun than any other area.  And in addition to the health inducing sun exposure that you can enjoy at this particular spa there are a number of five-star treatments you can enjoy as well, including a caviar body treatment and a Swiss cellular anti-aging facial.

Capri Beauty Farm – Capri Palace is home to the Capri Beauty Farm, a spa with many luxurious treatments to relax and renew.  In addition to having individual treatments, the spa also offers three, four, and seven day programs.  And of course it is located among some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Italy, a factor that makes the entire spa experience even more relaxing.

There are other spas located in Anacapri and on the Island of Capri, but these particular ones seem to exemplify the level of service that is characteristic of Capri.  Enjoying one or more of the treatments at one of these spas during your stay in Anacapri will leave you with a true understanding of the meaning of luxury.