Sitting on the island of Capri is Anacapri, a commune in Naples, Italy. Anacapri is at a higher elevation, beautifully placed (or so it seems) on Mount Solaro slopes and holds a separate status than the city of Capri. There are approximately 7,000 residents in this commune and yet it is a peaceful, quiet place to vacation with Anacapri Hotels providing a comfortable, luxury stay.

A concentration of colors, smells, and sounds surrounding Ancapriare Mediterranean area. This has become a popular tourism destination, and yet it remains a quite town. The residents live in the houses dotting the island and have tiny vegetable gardens, keeping the authentic life that brought them here.

Get Around Town on Foot to Appreciate It More

You can walk from any of the Anacapri Hotels around this humble quiet town to get anywhere you need or want. Instead of luxury boutiques for your shopping pleasure, you’ll find artisan shoemakers and Neapolitan tailor ships around the center. You’ll see women knitting in the shade as they gossip, and the lemon groves provide an aroma that will remind you of your visit to Anacapri.

You won’t find beaches or a hustling night life in Anacapri. The Anacapri Hotels and dining spots are less expensive than those in Capri, which makes vacationing here attractive for the budget minded. Instead of beaches and busy night life, you’ll find on the rocky cliffs beach style clubs.

Buses Get You To The Active Life

If you still desire the hustling night life and luxury shops, a public bus runs ever fifteen minutes the 3 kilometers between Anacapri and Capri. When your done with the busyness of Capri, returning to Anacapri will seem semi-deserted, but the peacefulness is soothing. Walking the quiet lanes to sit on the hand painted park benches or dining on dinner al fresco as you enjoy the aroma and vies of the geraniums and olive trees will remind you why you came to this part of Italy.

The Other Capri Is Where You’ll Find History

The “other” Capri isn’t where you’ll find glamor and glitz. This is where you’ll find the history of this part of Italy. It is picturesque instead of celebrity packed. It is historic instead of dazzling and new. This is a different island with lanes traveled by foot more than vehicle and the bright colors of bougainvillea and geraniums decorate those lanes.

At the top of the steps from Piazza Vittoria and to the right, there is a chairlift that will take you to Monte Solaro’ssummit or Via Capodimonte to the left. Follow the lane to Museum of Villa San Michele and soak in the sweeping views of Bay of Naples. Opposite of Piazza Vittoriais Capri’s historic center. A walk along Via Orlandi will find the Casa Rossa, a Pompeian red building with a façade of crenulated, mullioned windows, and a square tower.On the right as you continue along is the Church of San Michelle and Piazza San Nicola and the Church of San Michele. This is where you’ll find many of the residents sitting as they chat and read, enjoying the sun.