Activities That Will Take You Around the Island of Capri

There is no doubt that there are many sights to see during your stay in Anacapri, but there is also a wide range of activities for you to enjoy during your stay as well, both in Anacapri as well as the nearby town of Capri. The island has so much to offer in the way of activities that you can hardly do everything, even if your vacation lasts for an entire week, which let’s face it, is hardly realistic this day in age, at least for most of us anyway. Most people, though, have specific types of activities that they enjoy, whether it is activities that happen at night or activities that happen at sea. All of the above can be accessed when you are visiting the Island of Capri.

There are specific types of activities that anyone going to an island expects to see, such as shopping, water activities, spa treatments, and, of course, the nightlife scene. All of these can be found on the Island of Capri, some right in Anacapri in fact. And since the island is really not all that large you can expect that the few establishments involving any of these are going to be spectacular and exclusive, just what people look for when traveling to Italian cities. And making the decision as to which activities to enjoy during your stay in Anacapri will be much easier if you have some idea as to what is out there in terms of activities.

  • See the Island of Capri by Sea – There is no better activities to enjoy when you are on an island, especially when it is an island as amazingly beautiful as the Island of Capri, than those that involve the surrounding sea. It is difficult to put in words the terms to describe the range of water activities that you have open to you during your stay in Anacapri. Suffice it to say that you will have options that you wouldn’t have anywhere else in Italy, or much of the rest of the world even. Aside from being able to see the natural wonder that is the Grotta Azzurra, and besides being able to cruise through the Faraglioni, you also still have at your availability the more common water activities. For example, you can charter a boat for the day and take a cruise around the entire Island of Capri, from which you can get a unique look at both the town of Capri and Anacapri. You can also rent a boat and take the trip yourself, but with the aid of an expert guide you not only learn about the island from someone who knows but you also ensure your safety. In addition to traveling around the entire Island of Capri, you can also go by sea away from the island. There are many well-known places to visit that are within is a day’s trip by boat from Anacapri, such as the Island of Procida, the Amalfi Coast, and Pompei, just to name a few.
  • Enjoy the Nightlife in Anacapri – As you probably already know if you are planning on visiting Anacapri, Italy the Piazzetta in Capri is a stylish, fabulous town square in the center of the Island. It is also a great place to begin your night out in one of the two towns that call the Island of Capri home. There are a number of great places to choose from after leaving the famed Piazzetta, but there are a couple that tend to bring in the crowds with both their entertainment and atmosphere. Lanterna Verde is a half century old piano bar that is an excellent choice, especially for those Anacapri visitors looking for a real Italian nightlife experience. Even the décor of the establishment is authentic Italian. Another great choice for those not wanting to turn in early is Anema e Core, a tavern located in the very center of the town of Capri. Anema e Core is by far the most well-known and the most visited nighttime spot on all of the Island of Capri, and a trip to the island without visiting the Latin American style hot spot will surely leave you lacking a much loved Capri experience.
  • Relax on a Beach on the Island of Capri – A trip to an island is not trip to an island at all if you do not spend at least one day on the beach. Although Capri does not boast your typical sandy beach with miles and miles of space in either direction, it does boast crystal clear waters, great beach side restaurants, and a uniqueness in each individual spot. You also have the choice between the various free beaches throughout the island, or you can spend approximately 20 euros to visit one of the more exclusive spots where you have the added benefit of the use of sun loungers. Either way the beaches are beautiful and the water even more so. If you really want to make a day out of being at the beach your best option is the closest beach to you during your stay in Anacapri, Faro di Punta Carena, as this is the one and only beach on the island where you can enjoy sunshine almost all day long. And there is a sunset worth watching too.
  • Shop Your Heart Out While in Anacapri, in the Style of Italy – A trip to Italy would be no trip to Italy without a shopping spree. Italy is known for its fashion sense and there are plenty of places to shop that evidence that on the Island of Capri. But when you are visiting Anacapri you want to shop for something unusual in addition to the normal trinkets and other items that you tend to look for. When shopping in Capri be sure to have yourself, or someone back home, made an artisan bottle of perfume. Or take home something the Island of Capri is known for, such as a bottle of island made limoncello liqueur. These are both perfect gifts to give those at home to make them understand just how unique the Island of Capri is.
  • Rejuvenate in One of the Spas In and Around the Town of Capri – Finally, every vacation needs to include some time at the spa. And what better place to relax and rejuvenate spa style than a place that does it so well. The island has been home to wonderful spas since nearly the beginning of its time, and there are plenty to choose from throughout the island today. In fact, each of Emperor Tiberius’s villas included a spa, and although they are not there today you can find the same relaxation that Tiberius so enjoyed long ago.

The island of Capri may be a small island but what it has to offer is small by no means. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay in Anacapri, and those activities will surely leave you with a lasting memory of your visit to the Island of Capri, Italy.