Anacapri adventures

Anacapri may be a very small island town, but that does not mean that its offering for tourists are small in any way. There is actually a lot to do in the small village, as well as on and around the rest of the Island of Capri. The island is located on the Mediterranean see, not very far from Naples Italy, and in some ways it is typically characteristic of Italy, but in some ways it has a uniqueness all its own.

There are many reasons to visit Anacapri, and everybody has a different reason. Some visit because they want to see the ancient architecture that still sits on the island, some visit because they long to sit and take in the plentiful sunshine on the beautiful beaches, some choose Anacapri because it’s a quieter Italian village where they can peacefully enjoy some delicious Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, and others simply wish to be afforded the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the very top of the Island of Capri, which is where Anacapri sits. And then there are those that head to Anacapri looking for adventure, and this very versatile tourist destination has that too.

Anacapri may seem like it is simply a quiet Italian village characterized by breathtaking scenery, but it is also a great place to seek out adventure as well. Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea is only one way to experience adventure in Anacapri, but one that offers many opportunities. The terrain of the island itself also affords multiple opportunities as well. Even if it is not quite characterized by sky touching mountain peaks, there are plenty of steep hills throughout the island. Adventure can be anywhere in Anacapri, it is you the visitor that will decide where to find it. And there are a few options that you will want to consider putting on your list, because even if you can have similar adventures anywhere else, any adventure is simply that much more special when it takes place in Anacapri Italy.

Adventures on Water

While Anacapri is not your typical island destination, at least not in many of the typical island ways, it is still an island and there is still a beach loving culture feel to the island, it is simply a little bit different. One thing is for sure, and that is that being that the island is surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean, it only makes sense to involve it in at least some of your activities. There are a number of ways in which you too can have an Anacapri water adventure, as there are numerous water adventure activities to experience.

  • Diving – Many people visit Anacapri because the love diving the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful crystal clear blue-green waters make for a perfect setting for diving. And the marine life makes for very interesting dives at times as well. There are dive spots throughout the perimeter of the island, some suitable for beginners and some more suitable for seasoned divers. Each spot offers unique views and a unique experience, so this is an adventure activity that will never get old while you are in Anacapri. And there are also a number of different dive guides available for hire. These guides will drive the boat to the dive spot for you, assist you with your diving experience, and most importantly, assist in keeping you safe throughout the diving experience. It is important to have someone with you that knows the waters specific to the area in order to maintain safety. If you do that then you are in for an experience of a lifetime.
  • Boating – There are many places throughout the island from which you can either rent or charter a boat. Which option you choose really depends on how much you know about boating and where you plan on going. You can rent or charter everything from a small fishing boat to a huge yacht. Again, your choice depends on what type of boating adventure you are looking for. Some visitors to Anacapri decide that they want to see the rest of the island from different point of view and decide they want to boat around the island. Other visitors cannot resist the idea of boating to the blue grotto and being guided through. Some visitors may want to rent or charter a boat to visit one of the nearby popular Italian cities. And others simply want to sit back and relax and see the island from the far out in the Mediterranean. Whatever your wish for adventure, you can likely make it come true.

Adventures on Land

The island itself also affords a number of opportunities for adventure as well. To be sure, there is little in the way of rough terrain or dangerous forests to explore, but there are less dangerous adventures that are just as exciting. Most will be by way of foot, which is always an adventure in and of itself. There are a couple of adventures that you can have on land that are particularly popular among tourists visiting Anacapri.

  • Hiking – There are a number of great places for hiking on the island that are accessible from Anacapri. And although you may not be climbing mountains, the hiking trails in Anacapri are certainly not for the faint of heart. The best place to hike in Anacapri is by far the Scala Fenicia, or the Phoenician Steps. The walk takes you to Marina Grande, which takes approximately 45 minutes, so this is not only an adventure but a workout as well.
  • Sightseeing – Sightseeing can be an adventure too, especially when you do it going up a mountain in a chairlift. The chairlift at Monte Solaro affords visitors a unique view of the island, one that allows so much more to be taken in. The chairlift goes to the highest part of the island, where visitors can get off of the lift and stay and take in the view for a while. Even if you are afraid of being so high up you should consider overcoming your fears to afford yourself this view, after all isn’t facing our fears what going on an adventure is all about?

Anacapri is no doubt a quiet, peaceful Italian island village, but it also a place where adventures await. All you have to do is decide which adventures are for you and you can be on your way to making memories that will last a lifetime.