While you will not be short of things to see and do in Anacapri, it is essential that you make time for an architectural exploration of the city.  There are so many historic examples of Roman, French, and Italian architecture in the city that visitors barely have time to see everything.  And then take into consideration all of the other things to do and see when you are staying on the Island of Capri, and you realize that in order to make the most out of your stay you really have to master the art of planning.  This is when guides to the best of the best come in handy, and there are a number of bests when it comes to Anacapri architecture in the form of the quintessential villa that you must see.

  • Villa Lysis – For a look at a truly unique example of historic island architecture a visit to the Villa Lysis is a must.  This 1905 “Neoclassical” villa was built by a French poet with a bit of a sordid history.  Villa Lysis consists of two beautifully decorated floors, with vast breathtaking views of some of Italy’s most spectacular vistas.  Today the villa exists for the pleasure of the public, and often it is also used as a hall for certain events held on the Island of Capri, giving visitors to the island plenty of opportunity to see it.
  • Villa Orlandi – Villa Orlandi is another spectacular villa in Anacapri that came out of the 19th century.  The most striking feature of this particular villa is its colonnade adorned entryway, truly a sight worth seeing.  Villa Orlandi has only gone through a handful owners during its long history, which in a way adds to the air of mystery of the place.  Today it is in the hands of a private foundation, and visitors to Anacapri have the opportunity to see it.
  • Villa Malaparte – For a look at an interesting example of historic Italian architecture the Villa Malaparte is a must-see.  This does not look like your typical villa but that is not to say that it’s not a beautiful piece of architecture.  To be sure, Villa Malaparte is well worth seeing, and it can’t be missed considering its bright red color and location on the island.  Like many of the other villas on the island, Villa Malaparte is mostly used for events today.

There are many villas throughout the island worth seeing, but these three are a good place to start your Anacapri architectural journey, a must when visiting Anacapri.