Anacapri Attractions

It is hard for many visitors to Anacapri, Italy to believe how much there is to see in the small historic town on the Island of Capri. The entire town is confined within no more than 2 ½ square miles, but that does not detract from the Island’s beauty, both historically and naturally. On any vacation, though, even if you are in a place so peaceful and untouched by an ever more rushed society, you will probably want to get out and about as well during your vacation in Anacapri. Fortunately for the curious traveler there are a number of attractions to see that will surely make for a memorable vacation in Italy. Your biggest problem will be deciding which attractions you want to make time to see, and doing so will not be easy.

Aside from the natural wonders you will want to see during your vacation, and the historic sites that tell of Anacapri’s history, there are three other attractions that you should definitely make time for. Each is unique in nature and offers something completely different from the next, which is why it is important to see all three. If you do, then you will leave Italy truly feeling like you got to know the town of Anacapri.

  • Piazzetta – For those that visit Anacapri for the social and cultural experiences to be had in the small seaside town there is no better place to spend your time than the Piazzetta. In a country that is known for its town squares and marketplaces you would think that a square as small as the Piazzetta would not be the most exciting sight to see during your stay in Anacapri. It will only take a minute of your time to see how wrong you are though. The Piazzetta is actually one of the most visited areas in the small town, and a place perfect for morning, afternoon, and evening meet and greets. A number of establishments can be found within the Piazzetta, but most notable are the corner pavement cafes, in which star sightings are a common occurrence these days, thanks to the increasing popularity of Capri Island. There are also a number of shops to check out while you are taking in the sites of the legendary Piazzetta, which means between the shopping and cafes you can make a whole day of your visit to the famed Anacapri square. And of course don’t forget the spectacular view of the rest of the island from the Piazzetta, a sight worth seeing alone.
  • Marina Piccola – If the beach life is your style then you have come to the right place because the beaches at Marina Piccola are surely some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy. Words cannot describe the spectacular scene that is Marina Piccola, and in fact pictures hardly do it justice either. Since the bay is on the sunny side of Capri Island the waters are always a comfortable mild temperature, so mild that some of the island locals even swim in the spectacular blue-green waters during the winter months. Marina Piccola is also a great vantage point to see some of the natural wonders of the Island of Capri as well, and even if you are not a big beach goer the bay is definitely a part of the island that you want to see during your stay in Anacapri. Whether you are looking for a private experience at Marina Piccola or you are content with the beaches that are free, you will definitely experience a beach like no other beach, after all this is the beach that is said to have been the site of the seduction of Ulysses by the sirens that led to his fate.
  • Gardens of Augustus – Last but not least as far attractions you must see during your stay in Anacapri is the unbelievable work of engineering art that is the Gardens of Augustus. The winding stone path that begins in Anacapri is lined with beautiful gardens and overlooks some of the best sites on the Island of Capri. You can even get to Marina Piccola via the Gardens of Augustus, giving you all the more reason to add it to your sightseeing list during you visit to Anacapri. If for nothing else you should visit the Gardens of Augustus for the simple pleasure of the view of Faraglioni, if not for the panoramic view of much of the Island of Capri. And if you visit at specific times of year, you can even get too enjoy all this for nearly nothing, as the cost to visit the Gardens of Augustus from the spring to winter months is only 1 euro, a small price to pay for such a spectacular view of the Island of Capri.

Anacapri is a considerably small town compared to many Italian cities, but that doesn’t mean that its offerings for a vacation are small by any means. There may not be as many exciting attractions as some other places but the attractions that are there are one of a kind and possess a certain mystique. In the end, a visit to Anacapri will leave you as happy, if not happier, than if you visited any other town or city in Italy.