You already know that the weather in Anacapri Italy is fantastic for a vacation and that there are many things to do on Capri Island that will entertain and fascinate your family during your Capri vacation.  However, do you know about the fantastic Capri restaurants located on the island?  The restaurants on Capri Island blend together the flavors of the Mediterranean into dishes that will delight all of your senses.  The freshest seafood, finest local ingredients and centuries of tradition combine in dishes that are truly one-of-a-kind.  If you are staying in Anacapri, take the short ride over to Capri to enjoy one of these fantastic Capri restaurants during your Anacapri vacation.

La Capannina – Located in the historic center of Capri, the La Capannina is a favorite among the rich and famous.  Since 1931, the restaurant has been offering traditional Capri cuisine including linguine with redfish, stuffed calamari and ravioli alla caprese.  With approximately 400 Italian and International wines available, you will have no trouble finding the perfect wine to accompany your delicious meal.

Aurora Restaurant and Pizzeria – Owned and operated by the D’Alessios family for three generations, the Aurora is truly an experience in fine dining.  Enjoy one of the many traditional Caprese and Neapolitan dishes that highlight the best of Mediterranean cuisine.  The dining room overlooks Fuorlovado Street just a few minutes from La Piazzetta.  The restaurant also has an extensive wine list including wines from Italy, France and California.

Il Quisi – Located in the beautiful 5-stary luxury hotel, the Grand Hotel Quisisana, this gourmet restaurant will delight your palette with tempting dishes that feature the best of Mediterranean cuisine.  The restaurant takes pride in using only the freshest local ingredients to prepare its tantalizing dishes.  During warm months, meals are severed on the furnished terrace to allow guests to enjoy the beautiful views that surround the hotel. For those wanting to count calories (although we highly recommend leaving that at home), the Quisi offers a menu with light versions of traditional local dishes.

Faraglioni – By far one of the most famous restaurants in Capri, the Faraglioni dates back to the early 1900s.  Famous for its sea food linguine and lemon risotto, the restaurant is perfectly situated at the corner of Via Camerelle and Via Tragara.  Guests can choose fresh sea food directly from the fish tank while dining under traditional pagliarelle canopies as they watch the activity on the Via Camerelle.

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