If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Capri, you should plan to stay at the birthplace of the famous Limoncello di Capri – the Casa Mariantonia.  The Casa Mariantonia is one of the most popular hotels in Anacapri because it is not only a haven of relaxation but it is also the birthplace of the delicious lemon liqueur that would come to be known as Limoncello di Capri.  The hotel is rich in history, culture and style; however, it is also a luxurious hotel surrounded by gardens of citrus trees and Mediterranean flowers. 

What makes the Casa Mariantonia so different from other hotels in Anacapri is the rich history (it was originally built in 1800) and the traditions that continue today. It is also the level of service and attention to detail, including breakfast each morning served on the covered terraces of each room, that keeps guests returning to this Anacapri hotel year after year. 

Signora Mariantonia, the grandmother of the current owners, opened a restaurant in the building, which she then transformed into a small hotel.  The hotel has been passed down to the subsequent generation who continues the strong commitment to service that Signora Mariantonia begun so many years ago.

It was Signora Mariantonia that first began serving her famous lemon liqueur to her guests after serving them lunch and dinner.  She would prepare the drink herself using the lemons that grew in the gardens around the hotel.  The drink became famous around the island bringing more guests to the hotel to sample this delicious, refreshing liqueur.  The drink became an island tradition as news spread by word of mouth bringing more visitors, including famous personalities, to the hotel to sample the delicious lemon liqueur.

In 1988, Signora Mariantonia’s descendants formed Limoncello di Capri and patented the process she began so many years before.  To this day, Limoncello di Capri is still made with the same attention to detail, as it was when Signora Mariantonia made the liqueur for her hotel guests.  Every part of the production follows the family tradition including the selection of only the best lemons from local farmers.  The lemon peels are carefully retained to be used for the infusion in alcohol.

Step back in time and enjoy a hotel that brings to life the rich history and local flavors of Anacapri.  The Casa Mariantonia will become your favorite place to holiday after only one visit.