If you are planning to visit Capri Italy, you will want to enjoy a few meals at the fine Anacapri restaurants while you are on the island.  The restaurants on Capri Island serve authentic Italian cuisine in addition to local dishes that borrow flavors from nearby cities and cultures.  The Island of Capri has some of the best restaurants that you will find in Italy and are well worth the time and effort to visit while you are vacationing in Italy.  However, if you are going to be in Italy you should learn to eat like an Italian.

The first thing to remember is that Italians eat much later than Americans do.  The Italian happy hour or ‘aperitivo’ can last until 10pm in some places.  People gather to drink, eat snacks and socialize before dinner.  This can go on for hours which results in dinner starting somewhere between 10pm and 11pm.  The other reason for this late dinnertime is that Italians are famously late and the long happy hour allows everyone time to arrive before dinner begins.

Locals know that the menu is not necessarily the best source for choosing your entrée.  Italian chefs use fresh, local produce and meats to create their delicious dishes.  Therefore, dishes tend to be seasonal and available only when ingredients are readily available.  Chefs pride themselves on entrées that are fresh so flavors are at their peak.  Ask the waiter what he recommends and trust his judgment – – he has been in the kitchen all day and knows what is fresh and delicious. 

Locals also know that simple is often the most delicious.  Tourists look for dishes that are packed with as many flavors as possible because they believe that will give them a true, authentic taste of Italy.  However, a true Italian knows that a simple dish can often be the best entrée in the restaurant.  For example, a simple pasta dish with cheese and pepper, cacao e pepe, is simply scrumptious.  It may sound simple but it is difficult to make because the pasta must be cooked perfectly and the cheese and spices must be fresh and added in just the right portions so they are not overwhelming but creamy, rich and completely satisfying.

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