Anacapri Festivals

One of the number one reasons for visiting the lovely little seaside Italian village of Anacapri is the enchanting natural surroundings that afford stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. But the views from atop the captivating island that is Capri are not all that make a trip to the island worthwhile. To be sure, the charming little village and its panoramic views are no doubt stunning, but annual festivities in Anacapri make for a particularly special holiday and throughout the year you can find such festivities. Surely you already know that there will be holiday festivities during the holiday season, and this is a great time to visit the island if you want to get away during the holiday season, but the summer is a terrific time to enjoy some festivals in Anacapri as well.

Summer is the most popular time to visit the island, because let’s face it, there is little in this world as beautiful as the Mediterranean Sea during the summertime. The sun shines on the island most of the days during the summer, and the sea breeze never seems to dissipate. If this isn’t the perfect setting to enjoy some outdoor festivities, that includes some of the best wine and culinary delights along the Mediterranean Sea, then one has to wonder what could be better, and if there is such a setting it is something that everyone will want to see.

You obviously cannot make all of the festivities that are held in Anacapri, but if you have flexibility you can schedule your trip during the time when at least one festival is taking place. This gives you so much more to enjoy during your stay, because not only do you get to spend time taking in the sights of the natural surroundings, taking a journey back in time by touring some of the ancient architecture, and enjoying some of the best cuisine in the world, but you also will have the opportunity to get out and meet some of the people that are truly what make the village of Anacapri what it is. Festivals are a great way to learn more about what defines a village, or a town, or a city. And when they take place you will almost always see locals out enjoying the festivities. There are a few festivals specifically that are very popular among both locals of, and visitors to, Anacapri.

  • Capri Film Festival – One of the most sought out festivals that are held annually on the Island of Capri is the Capri Film Festival. The festival features screenings of various films and there are numerous speakers to be heard, including well-known actors, actresses, and other people from the film world from around the world. In addition there are other film-related activities that take place throughout the island. Although technically speaking, the Capri Film Festival is held in Capri, there are numerous festival-related activities that take place in Anacapri as well. Not to mention, Anacapri tends to be a bit of a quieter place to stay when the film festival is going on. Visitors to Anacapri who want to catch the Capri Film Festival should travel to the island during the last week of December and the first week of January.
  • Settembrata Anacaprese – Another very popular festival held on the island, this one completely taking place right in Anacapri, is the Settembrata Anacaprese Festival, also called the “Anacapri September Event,” “The Grape Feast,” and the “Anacapri Harvest Festival.” This festival focuses on both food and folklore traditions. The best thing about the Settembrata Anacaprese Festival is that the entire village gets involved in the festival, and each of four different districts compete for prizes. Winners can be shops as well as Anacapri homes, and the judging is based primarily on decoration of the windows. The festival also hosts a parade in which there are numerous floats created by townspeople, which are also judged for prizes as well. For those that want to be part of this exciting Anacapri festival the time to visit is during the end of August to the beginning of September, a beautiful time to visit the island anyway.
  • The Folklore International Festival – The Folklore International Festival is held during the prime of the summer, which is the best time to visit the Island of Capri. The basis for the festival is international ethnic performance, which includes both international dance as well as international music. The festival has been being held annually for the last decade and seems as though it will continue to be held for the indefinite future, as it is a very well enjoyed festival that is held in Capri. Each year a different list of countries will get involved in the festival, featuring their own music and dance traditions. This year’s festival will feature music and dance from South Africa, Taiwan, Serbia, Columbia, the Futuna Islands, Argentina, Russia, and Chile. Even though the festival is not held right in Anacapri, it takes only a few minutes to get into Capri. And staying in Anacapri during the festival offers its own benefits, namely lower cost accommodations and fewer people wandering around. If this is the festival that you want to visit the island for then the time to get here is in the beginning of the month of August, which is one of the most beautiful months on the Island of Capri.

There is no doubt that Anacapri is beautiful anytime of the year, so it really does not matter when you visit here if your main goal is to take in the spellbinding sights of the island’s natural surroundings. But if you are looking for a little extra fun during you Anacapri holiday then all you have to do is simply visit during the time when one of the exciting festivals is taking place on the island. If you do, you will see a side of Anacapri that you never knew existed, but will be glad that you discovered during your stay in the fascinating little village.