Natural Wonders to See During Your Stay in Anacapri

There are no doubt plenty of beautiful places to see in Italy, which is why it is one of the most visited countries in the world. But the problem with the most visited places in the world is that they are often overflown with tourists, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is where Anacapri, on the Island of Capri, differs from so many other fabulous Italian cities. To be sure, there are plenty of visitors to Anacapri, but the area is much more untouched than other areas and there are numerous unique natural wonders that visitors can go see.

Anacapri is the smaller of two towns on Capri Island, and is at a significantly higher elevation than the town of Capri as well; hence the name Anacapri, as the prefix “ana” is defined as meaning “above.” While many tourists tend towards the town of Capri, there is much to enjoy in the smaller, more intimate town of Anacapri, and you will be within visiting distance of Capri. And while you are there, there are five natural wonders within visiting distance from Anacapri that you must see, lest your visit not be complete.

  • Grotta Azzurra – One of the most spectacular sights to see in Anacapri is the Grotta Azzurra, a cavern with a unique characteristic unlike anywhere else in the world. Although the cavity in the cavern is not altogether huge, and you have to lie down in a small wooden boat to pass through the entrance, it is definitely spectacular because as soon as you get through the darkness of the entryway, you are treated to a truly unique natural treasure. The water inside the cavern glows a beautiful iridescent blue due to the light of day being filtered up from beneath the water. And if that is not unusual enough, the light also causes anything in the water to appear silver in color. The Grotta Azzurra was said to be used by Emperor Tiberius but then left alone until 1826. Today it is a reason enough alone to visit Capri Island, and it is only a short distance away by boat, bus, and foot. This is by far one of the best experiences you can buy during your stay in Anacapri with a mere 13 euros.
  • Mount Solaro – Since the town of Anacapri is above the town of Capri it only makes sense if you are visiting Anacapri to make your way to best vantage point the island has to offer. Mount Solaro towers as high as 589 meters, which is almost a third of a mile above sea level, and offers a spectacular view of the entire Island of Capri. Although you can take an hour or two to walk to the top of Mount Solaro, and a scenic walk it is, it is much simpler, less time consuming, and just as scenic to take the chair life right from Anacapri. This will you give you yet another unique view of the island as well as the other sights to see in the Mount Solaro area, the Cetrella area and the Barbarossa Castle ruins. And once you come back down from the amazing vantage point offered by Mount Solaro you can embark on a journey to see those sites you saw, up close and personally.
  • Punta Carena – If you are the type of traveler that likes to hit the beach then you should definitely know that Punta Carena offers the best beach to visit while you are staying in Anacapri. According to locals and insiders the sun shines on the beach the entire day, and it is one of the most spectacular places on the Island of Capri to watch the sunset. In addition to having the amazing beach, the Punta Carena area also has a restaurant, a snack bar, and a beach club that visitors can enjoy on their visit as well. This is definitely not just any beach. In fact, the sea in front of the Punta Carena lighthouse extends as far as Sicily, making it an especially unique kind of beach.
  • Faraglioni – Anacapri also offers a great view of another natural wonder of Capri. The Faraglioni can be seen from a number of vantage points in Anacapri. The Faraglioni are a well-known natural wonder that many people make time to visit when they visit Capri Island and it is well worth seeing during your visit to Anacapri. The site consists of three individual rock formations rising up out of the sea. The formations are often referred to as Capri’s “legendary trio of sea giants,” but the most unique of the three is Faraglione di Mezzo. This centrally located Faraglioni is naturally cut-out in the center, allowing enough space for boats to travel through in order to get an especially distinctive view.
  • Pizzolungo – Finally, another natural wonder you will want to make time to see during your stay in Anacapri is the Pizzolungo. Pizzolungo is essentially a foot path that starts in Capri and winds along the coastline all the way to the island’s Natural Arch, a Paleolithic sculpture of remains of a deep and high underground cavity that is especially extraordinary. Although Pizzolungo is actually in the town of Capri, it is only a short distance away from Anacapri and simply one of the sights on the island that is well worth the trip to Capri to see.

There are many sights to see in Anacapri and only so much time to see them, especially considering some of them are not actually in Anacapri but rather in the town of Capri. Choosing which ones you want to see will by no means be easy but when all is said and done you will be happy with the choice of any one of the amazing natural wonders you have the option of seeing. After all, it is sights like these that are the reason that so many people visit the Island of Capri.