If you’ve never been to the island of Capri, you might not know that it actually has two separate towns – the larger, better-known town of Capri and the smaller but very charming Anacapri.  Although the views from almost anywhere on the island of Capri are spectacular, in several ways the two towns are very different from each other.  Luckily, the island is so small that it’s easy to see both of them.  You will, though, need to decide in which of the two towns you’d like to stay so you can book your hotel before leaving on your trip.

That’s why we’ve posted the following information on these picturesque Italian towns.  Hopefully it will help you decide whether to look at Anacapri hotels or somewhere in Capri town itself for your accommodation while you’re on the island.

Want Hustle and Bustle or Quiet and Laid-Back?

There’s always something going on in Capri town.  Anacapri is much quieter and more laid-back.  In part, Capri stays busier because it’s much closer to Marina Grande, the place where ferries coming from the mainland dock when they arrive at the island.  A lot of travelers end up just staying in the town of Capri because it’s such an appealing place.  Everything’s relative, though – both towns get crowded during the height of the summer tourist season.  That being said, Anacapri is the place to head if you’d like a more tranquil feel.

Which Do You Prefer:  People-Watching or Beautiful Old Mosaics?

For festive people-watching, you can’t beat Capri’s Piazza Umberto I (the “piazzetta”), lined with colorful restaurants, cafés, and the people who patronize them.  For beautiful old mosaics, check out Anacapri’s Church of San Michele.

Do You Want to See Roman Ruins or Lush Gardens?

Capri town offers a very well preserved 1st-century Roman villa which once belonged to Emperor Tiberius.  Anacapri’s Villa San Michele has one of Italy’s finest gardens.  Besides being a serene place to spend a few minutes, it offers some stunning views of the island and the Bay of Naples.

Are You Interested in Upscale Shopping or Local Crafts?

The island of Capri is a beautiful place and it’s a favorite destination for the world’s jet-setters.  That right there explains the abundance of upscale fashion stores you’ll find in Capri town.  Anacapri’s shopping is much more restrained, featuring clothing and crafts created by local artisans.

We’ve done our job if you’re getting the impression that Capri town is faster-paced and Anacapri is quieter and more tranquil.  Anacapri Hotels can help you book your accommodation no matter where you’d like to stay on Capri Island.