Capri Island is a mountainous island located in the Mediterranean Sea about three miles of the Italian coast near Naples and Sorrento.  The island has breathtaking views of the turquoise sea surrounding the island.  The mountains and landscape are absolutely beautiful. The best way to explore and see the island is by foot.  There are several footpaths around the island; however, for tourists wishing to see the best sites of Capri, they should choose from The Path of Forts in Anacapri or The Passetiello Path.

The Path of Forts in Anacapri is a long route but it offers some of the most beautiful views from the island.  The path begins in Punta Carena and weaves along the island’s western coast until it reaches Punta dell’Arcera.  The average time to travel the entire path is between four and five hours.  Along the path are little island bays and Mediterranean flora that delights the senses.  You can stop to examine the forts along the path that date back to the Saracen raids (the Mesola, Pino and Orrico forts). 

The Passetiello Path only takes about three hours to walk; however, it is a much more difficult path with some parts being extremely difficult to climb for novices.  The path, an old mule track, was once the connecting road between Capri and Anacapri.  Along the path are long steep slopes so adequate footwear is essential.  However, for those attempting this footpath they will be rewarded with a variety of landscapes and scenery that can only be found along this footpath.  Make sure to note the ilex wood along the first part of the path – this is only one of three ilex woods still located on the island.  Along the way, walkers will have to climb a high rock face but will then enjoy an excellent view of the Faraglioni and the Marina Piccola.  The Cetrella Valley, with its chestnut groves, and the Anginola Valley, with a black pine grove, bring the footpath to an end.

No matter which footpath you choose to take, any of the Anacapri hotels can assist you by providing directions and helpful tips for an enjoyable hike.  Check our hotels section for the best in Anacapri accommodations.