Anacapri Vacation- Some Important Information

There are two towns on the island of Capri: Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is a commune on the island of Capri, in the province of Naples, Italy. Anacapri is located in the highest part of the island, at the foot of Monte Solaro. About 7 thousand people live here. Anacapri is the upper town of the Island and offers small locally made handicrafts and the famous Villa San Michele. Anacapri is just 3 kilometers from Capri, to which it is linked by a narrow road which winds its way down the cliffs in a series of hairpin bends. Buses run every 15 minutes. Tickets cost around 2-3 euro. The journey takes about 10 minutes. If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Anacapri. This tourist attraction popular with jet setters and many others lies in the Campania region of southwestern Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The island offers many things to do and see, as well as being a nice place to wander, shop and eat. Anacapri, population about six thousand and this town is definitely less expensive than Capri Town.  It is worth reading about what the island has to offer before visiting so that you do not miss out seeing / doing what you would find interesting. The public transport around the island is easy and convenient to use. If you are in that area of Italy and have a day to spare, Anacapri is worth a visit.

Anacapri is saturated with the colors, scents and light of the Mediterranean. Despite the arrival of tourism, life in the town continues very much as before. Hidden among the houses there are neat little gardens surrounded by rare plants. As you walk through the center of Anacapri, you’ll come across the workshops of a traditional Neapolitan tailor and an expert shoemaker, and see the women busy knitting as they chatter and sing old songs. Some other outstanding landmarks of Anacapri are Caprile, Castello Barbarossa, Belvedere della, igliera (o Migliara), Casa Rossa, Chiesa di San Michele, Chiesa di Santa Sofia, Eremo di Santa, Maria a Cetrella, Le Boffe, Sentiero dei fortini, Phoenician Steps (Scala Fenicia), Monte Solaro, Punta Carena Lighthouse, Casa Cernia di Luigi Cosenza, Villa Damecuta.

Anacapri hotels and restaurants tend to be less expensive than Capri. Anacapri hotels welcome guests to gorgeous rooms with chandeliers, tile and marble baths and canopy beds. Luxury is an understatement at those hotels. Pool and spa are available for relaxation.

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