Unwinding in Anacapri

Aside from famous Rome of Italy, there are other places you can visit in here too just like the Anacapri. It is one of the 2 towns in the island of Capri. Anacapri is located in the highest part of the island and is civilized by almost 7 thousands of people.

There are different views you can see in Anacapri which you would enjoy of staying to. From the scenery it has down to the foods that will comfort your palate, unwinding in here is definitely guaranteed.

In the island of Capri, there are 2 towns which you could visit: the Anacapri, which was mentioned earlier, and the Capri. You can both visit the two towns and each of it has different ambiance and character that you can really differentiate to. But among the two towns, Anacapri offers more. The fact that the Anacapri is located in the highest part of the island of Monte Solaro, you can expect to see great views from it. If unwinding is mainly what your reason why you choose to spend in here, this is the right place for you.

Anacapri, compare to Capri town, is much quieter and that you can really relax in here. Aside from the ambiance it has, hotels and restaurants in this place are much less expensive than the other town. You can enjoy the scenery and good sound of the nature in this place instead of spending your night with all those nightlife activities commonly do by most young tourists. There are more things to discover why unwinding in Anacapri is the best place for you.

Activities and Attractions

Activities and attractions a certain place offers are just one of the things we want to do and see. Technically, this is because each of the places the world has offers unique and unforgettable experiences to those who would want to try. Whenever you go, every place has their activities and attractions to flaunt. Same goes to Anacapri and this article will show you the things you can do and expect to see in the place

Trekking is just one of the common activities that you ca do in Anacapri. This is a good activity to do when you visit the Mount Solaro. It stands on the island of Capri in Campania, Italy where you can find the Anacapri town. This is the highest point of island with its 589m elevation. You can see all the view of overall Capri which you would definitely enjoy of watching particularly if you are with your loved ones. You may be on your 40s or 50s, young or old; you can do trekking in here.

Beaches are also one of the things you can enjoy at Anacapri. Among the beaches known in the place, Lido di Faro is one of the famous the town has. You can spend your whole day under the sun in here. With its seawater swimming pool and its restaurant, you can really enjoy a fantastic experience in this place. Among the services offered in this club is there La Grande Bellezza wherein a cocktail is served to you at the poolside while you are swimming. Thence, if you are a fan of drinking at the same time spending your time unwinding in the beach, Lido di Faro is one of the places you must not forget to see!

Scala Fenicia or known as Phoenician Steps in English is one of the tourist attractions Anacapri has and is a long and steep stone stairway. This is the only way to reach the town easier and is built on the high slopes of Monte Solaro. It consists of 921 steps from the bottom to the top. Way back then, long before the Scala Fenicia has been created yet, people used to climb and balance their steps to reach the town much more if they are bringing something with them. On 1874, the steps were built and made the collection of water easier for the residents.

Even though that the place is not really that alive compare to other town the island has, there are several things you can do still in here and among them is shopping. There are numbers of shops which you can buy something when you go home. And among the shops known in the place, Antonio Viva Shop is one of the most visited by many. The shop is known to produce handmade sandals which are perfect as gifts and souvenirs which you can bring along with you and give them to your loved ones. Whether it is for a female or male, you can purchase the sandals that would suit to your recipients’ likes. Other than sandals, shoes, slippers, and clothing are also available in here. Thence, you have wide selection of things to shop for and bring with you.

If you are also a fan of collecting ceramics, you can get a souvenir from the place too by visiting the Antionetta di Franco’s ceramics shop. Plenty of designs and kinds of ceramics are offered in this place from tasteful tiles hand-painted majolica-style with patterns or simple scenes, wide selections are available for you to choose indeed.

Church of San Michele in Anacapri is among the attractions you should not miss too. The church showcases a spectacular centuries ago, hand painted mosaic floor showing the story expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Thus, if you are looking for that kind of scenery in the place, this should be in your list.

Hotels and Restaurants

Talking about things to do in the place, who else would forget to know the best hotels to stay and would want to miss the foods the place to offer? Perhaps, we all wanted to give a try to those.

Anacapri has a lot of hotels for tourists to stay. Same goes with the foods they cater. What’s interesting about the hotels in here is that you can enjoy your stay here without harming your pocket. The rates compared to other hotels in other town are very much competitive and that you can really ensure that you won’t be out of budget by then.

Hotel Caesar Augustus

If you are looking for a kind of hotel that stands on the cliff’s edge of the Island, nothing can beat the Hotel Caesar Augustus. With where it stands, you can enjoy of viewing the Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.  The hotel comes with a spectacular panoramic swimming pool, free parking area, and an excellent restaurant which you can taste the foods catered in the place.

Each appointed bedroom has the style for which Capri is famous of such as having the touch of the adorned with hand painted majolica tiles, wrought iron bed/s, and the highest quality linens and upholstery which would give more relaxation on your stay. Among the activities you can do the hotel, you can have their Turkish bath and Hammam which are additional services that would help you unwind more.

When it comes to foods, Terrazza di Lucullo – the hotel’s restaurant, caters exciting contemporary Italian cuisine, made with organic ingredients that would catch your taste. What’s interesting about this restaurant is that its organic ingredients used with the foods they serviced are grown in the hotel’s kitchen garden. Lo, that’s interesting indeed! Caesar Augustus’ cliff edge lounge bar also provides an idyllic venue where you can spend your night while having a drink.

The Hotel Caesar Augustus is located exact at G. Orlandi 4, 80071 Anacapri, Italy.

Parco Vittoria Holidays House

Aside from the Hotel Caesar Augustus, there are other hotels and apartment where you can stay at Anacapri. Like for instance, the Parco Vittoria Holiday House. This sets in the heart of Anacapri. If you prefer to stay in near the beaches, this apartment is perfect for you. You can easily reach the beaches through the help of public transportation as the nearest bus stop is just 300 meters away which is convenient for you.

Amenities include when you book your stay in here are air conditioning, wireless internet,  cleaning service in daily basis, and linen change which is done every 3 days. Towels and linen are provided as well.

The place is good for those individuals who prefer to have a kind of home ambiance wherein they can cook anytime they want as each apartment has a complete kitchenette. Furthermore, the location also surrounded with restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and a supermarket which is convenient indeed to every vacationist.

Casa Mariantonia

For individuals who would want to have a historic kind of ambiance, Casa Mariantonia might be the best accommodation for you. It is said to be one of the first inns on the Island of Capri, and that, has more than a century of giving experience to travelers across the world.

What’s interesting with the place is that it is surrounded by a private park in the pedestrian part of Anacapri, just near the Church of San Michele making it a perfect place for you to stay. Each room is unique and that it comes with free Wi-Fi too wherein guests would enjoy throughout their stay at the hotel.

Outside the hotel comes with a garden that features a typical architecture of Capri Island. Most of the time, breakfast is served in their veranda where you can view the garden of Casa Mariantonia. One of the dishes that are served in here is their very own limoncello, which is sampled directly beneath the lemon trees their garden has.

The advantage of staying in this hotel is that you get the best view for Tyrrhenian Sea, the orange orchard, and so as of the pool garden. Amenities include air-condition, flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Suites are well classically decorated and has a touched of modern styles which would really catch your attention.

Aside from the accommodations, attractions, and activities one can do in a certain place, it is also important to know what are the specific foods the place is famous of.

Gelato at Buonocore is the all- time favorite in Capri town. However, when you say in Anacapri, behold as the place has also something to be proud of. You may have heard about ‘torta’ but when it comes to Anacapri town, they have this called torta caprese or termed as grain-free Italian lemon cake which is famous at Pasticceria Ferraro. May you be a fan of cake or not, this is something you should never forget of trying too.

Should you plan to visit Italy one day, you should never miss the opportunity to stay in one of the towns of Capri particularly the Anacapri. This place is perfectly fit for those individuals who would want to try of something new where you can relax and just enjoy the touch of the nature with its impressive views the place has.


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