For some choosing a spring break destination is easy, as there are a few very popular spots that everybody seems to go to.  For others, though, a spring break vacation is an opportunity to see another part of the world, and each time spring break comes around a new opportunity awaits. 

Many people have in their minds where in the world they want to go if they ever get the chance, but then somewhere along the way they come across a place they never considered before, and it changes everything.  Anacapri Italy is one of those places. 

One look at the pictures of Anacapri, which is located on the Island of Capri, in the Mediterranean Sea, and you will not be able to forget the exquisite beauty of the scenery.  That alone will be enough to make you want to add it to your “bucket list,” but there are a few things in particular that may make you move it up on your list to your next spring break trip.

  • Exciting Nature Activities – One of the best things about visiting Anacapri is the wide range of exciting nature activities that there is to be enjoyed.  There is some very unique natural scenery and phenomenon that can be found throughout the entire Island of Anacapri, and in the waters that surround it.  If you are a nature lover then this is a place where you will not be left bored during your spring break vacation.
  • Magnificent Beaches – A lot of spring breakers love beaches and if you are one of them then Anacapri is the place to be.  The Mediterranean is known for being home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Anacapri is a testament to that being the case.  And with plenty of beaches to choose from there are all kinds of opportunities. 
  • Perfect Weather – Finally, there is not much that is more desirable on a spring break vacation than good weather, especially for those that live in areas with winters.  The sun shines in Anacapri nearly every day of the year, and the temperatures are almost always nearly perfect.  If warm weather and sunshine are what you seek for spring break, then visit Anacapri and ask and you shall receive.

This year avoid the noisy crowded beaches most people go to and relax in Anacapri.