Perfect Island Weather in Anacapri

Although you can go to any island and be welcomed by a warm island breeze, none have weather quite as mild and perfect as that you will find in the Italian island town of Anacapri. Italy is well-known for its mild weather, even though it is located in a more temperate zone, and there is no better example of how mild the weather in Italy really can be than the fabulous little Island of Capri. Almost any time of year is a good time to visit if weather is your main contingency, but of course summer time is particularly special in Anacapri, as it is in almost any island destination. This is why the island is so busy during this time of year, which for some is ideal while others may prefer the quieter seasons to the more tourists packed popular times of the year. For those that are looking for a quieter, more personal experience, spring is a more ideal time to visit. But it does not really matter when you visit Anacapri because the weather is mild throughout the year, as it is characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate. But it does help to know exactly what to expect during each different season in any given year.

Spring in Anacapri

Springtime on the Island of Capri offers an abundance of mild weather and the beginnings of an oasis of native flora. As the temperatures begin to rise from a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit the island begins to come to life, and visitors in the spring get to see it. In addition to being able to enjoy the mild weather visitors in the spring can enjoy a less crowded Anacapri, given them the best options and first choice regarding the many outdoor sights to see.

Summer in Anacapri

While the summer is a much busier season there is something to be said for the atmosphere. This is when the island weather is at its best, staying a mild average 80 degrees Fahrenheit during most of the summer months, the ideal weather for hitting the beaches in Anacapri. And although the nighttime hours are a bit cooler than in the day, the weather stays mild and makes for a perfect island evening at one of the many outdoor eating and entertaining venues that call Anacapri home.

Autumn in Anacapri

Although island autumns do not bring colorful leaves, that does not mean than autumns are not beautiful in Anacapri. The temperatures remain around 70 degrees, still allowing travelers to visit the lovely beaches, and there is much less traffic to have to share the experience with. In fact, even the waters surrounding the island keep to a mild temperature that even allows visitors to swim at the beach.

Winter in Anacapri

Although winters are cooler in Anacapri, they are short-lived and still tend to be mild enough to enjoy the island just as much as in other seasons. Few people visit the Island of Capri during the winter months which makes everything less busy. But the best thing about winters in Anacapri is that they are so mild that there is still plenty of live flora to see. Many visitors are amazed at how mild an island winter can be, and they love finding out that they can still enjoy a half a day of sunlight even if they wait until winter to visit Anacapri.

Island vacations are generally associated with summertime but with such mild weather anytime is a good time to visit the Island of Capri. Although the island is less active during the winter, with some restaurants and other establishments closing down for the winter months, there is still much to be enjoyed and seen. There are many factors that will play into when you decide to take your vacation in Anacapri, but the weather is one factor that you can consider less knowing how mild island winters can be, especially on the Italian Island of Capri.