Capri Island is a beautiful little island in Italy, so beautiful in fact, that there are tourists on the island pretty much constantly.  There are two separate but quite different towns on the island, each worth a visit for its own reasons.  Many visitors travel to Capri from somewhere in nearby Italy, while others choose to spend their entire vacation on the Island of Capri.  If you intend to be one of the latter, then you may want to consider staying in the town of Anacapri.  Anacapri is the smaller of the two towns that make up the island, which means it has certain advantages over the busier town of Capri.  There are three reasons in particular to stay in Anacapri.

  1. Anacapri is Quieter – The biggest benefit of staying in Anacapri, if you like a more peaceful vacation that is, is that the smaller town is much quieter than Capri.  Even during the busiest season there are fewer travelers, and off-season is especially quiet.  And the best news is that there are plenty of five-star accommodations right in Anacapri, so you do not lose out on the luxury that you expect from an island in Italy.
  2. Anacapri is Less Expensive Than Capri – Since there are few travelers staying in Anacapri the prices are less for almost everything.  Hotels are cheaper, dining costs less, and there are less expensive activities.  But the amenities are just as great as those you will find in the establishments throughout the town of Capri.  This is one of the most common reasons for travelers choosing to stay in the lesser known town of Anacapri.
  3. Anacapri Has More Nature Activities – Finally, if nature activities are your thing then Anacapri is the place to be.  Much of the natural surroundings in Anacapri are still untouched, leaving for the visitor some pretty amazing scenery.  A walk anywhere outside your hotel will bring you views of the sky, greenery, and the sea. 

There are definitely things in Capri worth seeing, so even if you do decide to stay in Anacapri you will want to visit there too.  But there is no reason not to take advantage of the wonderful, less expensive, and more laid back town of Anacapri.  By visiting both you will truly get to experience all of the Island of Capri.